Happy Holy Days!

Nanice Ellis

Dear #firstname#, Happy Holy-days and Happy New Year! It is a true privilege for us to be alive at this time, and to be among the first to be Awakening. To new born eyes, the sun may be too bright, the world too cold and there may appear to be a lack of love and connection. Hold tight, soon the sun will be no brighter than what shines within, the cold will turn warm as you are wrapped in a blanket of endless love, and the feeling of Oneness and connection will sweep over every moment of your life. At a special moment, designed just for you, you will come to the awareness and knowing that the challenging journey, now behind you, was worth every step, every challenge, and every moment of doubt. You will breathe in life for the first time, and you will remember why you came here, and who you really are. As your memory returns, the past is forgiven and you are free to live the life that your spirit intended to live. You are here to create a piece of heaven on earth, and as you do it in your sacred corner of the world, and others do it in theirs, those pieces will link together and like a puzzle coming into completion, everything will be whole and perfect once again. Now is the time to rejoice in the game, the dream... the adventure! I celebrate YOU, my fellow adventurer! Let us Wake Up Now and make this grand dream, one to be proud of! Dream a New Dream and stay true to that dream, no matter what "reality" might be telling you. This is the time of Magic and Miracles! Happy Holy Days! With Infinite Love and Respect, Nanice www.Nanice.com

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