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Nanice Ellis

Many years ago, I began to notice how often I closed my heart. The awareness was actually quite surprising to me because I considered myself to be an open person and most others perceived me this way as well, but I discovered that I was just really good at faking openness. On the outside I would appear open, smiling, giving and receptive, but Fort Knox was in lock down on the inside. I only became aware of how often I closed my heart because of how bad I was increasingly feeling- and couldn't figure out why. And so I decided to open my heart and keep it open. I only came to this decision after realizing that closing my heart never really did protect me from anything. Every time I closed my heart, I was rejecting and abandoning a part of me which hurt a great deal more than if, in fact, someone else did it to me. So in choosing to keep my heart open, I was also choosing to accept and love myself no matter what - and this is the point.

It's been an interesting journey living through an open heart, and sometimes my heart still wants to close and protect me, but I always choose to keep it open, even if I know there might be pain. What I have learned is that pain through an open heart is very different than pain through a closed heart. Pain through a closed heart has no where to go and so it grows and stagnates. Because it doesn't move, it becomes increasingly painful and often turns into suffering. A closed heart does not keep the pain out; in fact, it only holds it in. Pain through an open heart is raw and real and sometimes feels like it is more than I can bear, but it never is. In fact, when I allow myself to feel whatever is being asked to be experienced, it moves quickly and with ease, and always delivers me to a space of peace and even bliss; somehow transforming me in the process, while allowing me to know a deeper experience of myself and Life.

I've come to believe that the Great Shift in Consciousness that is upon us now, is really about choosing to open our hearts and live, moment to moment, through an open heart. This unites us with ourselves, our Divine Source, and of course, each other. This is the Journey that returns us to Oneness. This is the Journey of Love.

Heart Wide Open, Nanice www.Nanice.com

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In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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