Is it always wrong to judge?

Nanice Ellis

We have all been taught that judging another is wrong, but what if there is a Divine Purpose even to judging, just like there is to everything else? In addition to helping us discern how we want to show up in the world, if we look closely at judgment, we might see that we use judgment of another as a way to protect ourselves from their energy. This is a good strategy for protection, that is, if we haven't yet mastered responsibility for our own energy and not taking on anothers. But like all strategies, eventually it will do the opposite of what it was intended to do. Once we start judging someone, we often become fascinated with the source or subject of our judgment, and we hold that which we judge active within our own vibration; thereby attracting to us more of that which we were either consciously or unconsciously protecting ourselves from. The course correction is simple; in the moment that you become aware that you are judging another, simply become responsible for your own energy. Correct your own errors in thinking and/or acting, re-clarify your core values, and most important remember that when you return to love, no protection is necessary.

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