Is Your Cork Underwater?

Nanice Ellis

What keeps your cork underwater? Your natural state of vibration is love. If you are not experiencing love, then something is keeping your cork underwater. This something is not anything outside yourself, although it probably appears so. Maybe it seems like others should act different, or life should treat you better, but it is none of this. In fact, life can only reflect back that which is inside of you, so the only place to look is within. This is great news because this is the only thing that you have any control over. It doesn't really matter what, inside you, is keeping your cork underwater. Years of therapy or self-help help might give some clarity to the matter, but lets face it, there is always something to push that darn cork down. Luckily, there is also an instant and even magical remedy. It is not something that you do, but rather it is something that you undo. It doesn't take any time, energy or money. It is at your disposal 24 hours a day, every day of your life. Think about it; what needs to happen in order to allow a cork to rise to the surface? Simple, let go. Let go of the cork and it always rises to the surface. Get a cork and try it out. The same is true for you in your life. There is nothing to do or become in order to raise your vibration. Simply let go - let go of everything. Did I say everything? Your cork will naturally and immediately rise to the surface, and as it does, your vibration will re-set, almost as if you have found and hit the internal reset button to your frequency. You are energy and that energy is 100% Love. If you are not experiencing that now, let go of everything in this moment. Breathe Deeply................. Allow LIFE to fill your lungs. Allow Love to fill your heart. Again, again..... And almost like tinker bell waving a magic wand over you, you will find yourself connected to the Source of Who You Are, and your cork will not just be floating, it will be dancing, singing and doing cartwheels. Ever see a cork do cartwheels? So Much Love from me to you, Nanice

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