Love & Letting Go

Nanice Ellis

Have you ever considered the connection between love and letting go?

In order to truly love, you must let go.
Let go of regrets, guilt, grievances,
how the other person should be,
how you should be.

To the degree that you hold on to have tos,
shoulds and should have's is the relative
degree of love that you can feel, receive and express.

The more you hold on, the less love.
the more you let go, the more love.

Love makes us feel vulnerable and exposed
because it requires that we drop everything,
including our defenses and offenses.

Falling in love is "falling in love"
- when you fall, you let go....
You let go to love.
You let go in order to love.

We fall out of love,
as we hold on to regret, guilt,
and grievances.
In other words, fear casts a shadow on love.
But we all know that shadows are not real.

Our love for our babies is so great because
we have no expectations of them.
They are perfect even when they throw up on us
or cry all night.

As judgments grow,
love diminishes.

Let go of judgment,
and love grows.

No wonder Self Love is such a challenge.
Most of us spend our days in self judgment and self criticism.
We snuff out love for ourselves with disappointment
and expectation.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Love is not something that one is deserving of
or not deserving of.
Love is who you really are.
How could you be deserving or not deserving of who you really are?

You don't need to effort in order to love yourself or love anyone else.
You simply let go of whatever stops love from flowing,
which is usually a fear-based thought, belief or emotion.

So we are back to Letting Go.
Let go and Let LOVE.
Maybe it's exactly what you have been looking for.

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In grace & gratitude,

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