Love Will Set YOU FREE!

Nanice Ellis

The transformation of humanity is not enlightenment or losing one's individual identity; it is simply remembering that you are perfect in the Creator's eyes - your life is important to the Creator and the Creator unconditionally loves you and always has. It is the realization of this love that we have all been seeking.

There has been this pain that has plagued humanity and caused the illusion of separation. This pain has occurred because each of us has forgotten that we are unconditionally and specifically loved by the Creator. We have believed ourselves to be alone and not seen by the Creator, and from this dark and un-illuminated place, the world is scary and we must protect ourselves in order to survive. If I believe that I am alone and on my own, then I must fight for my survival. When I truly remember that I am loved specifically and unconditionally, and so is everyone else, then I can relax into my life, into love; and I can trust that I am divinely cared for, even when appearances might seem otherwise.

For years, I was on a spiritual path of returning to Oneness. I believed that this was the awakened and blissful state that would set me free from pain and suffering. Although I had many experiences of Oneness that rocked my world, living permanently in that state seemed to elude me. You might say that I failed at Oneness. Of course that thought makes me laugh now. But all kidding aside, I was clearly shown that there was something else. Instead of dissolving into Oneness, I was shown that my individual life was of intense value to the Creator; that I was uniquely created for this life expression and the Creator doesn't want me to dissolve into Oneness; the Creator wants me to thrive and create - and that is the point of Life. The Universe Expands through US - and needs us to Create!

You are Divinely Created and your life is of Intense Value to the Creator. Take a breath.... When you finally remember and KNOW that you are loved by the Creator, unconditionally and specifically, you Radiate Love. Others feel your love and are shifted because of the love that you radiate. This is the return to love. This is the Awakening. And everything else takes care of itself - with Ease. Affirmation: I am loved specifically and unconditionally by the Creator, and so is everyone else. I can relax into my life and into love; and I can trust that I am divinely cared for, at all times. I AM Love. I AM Light. All is Well.

From One Beam of Light to Another, Nanice

In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis

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