Manifestation Breakthrough Program
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What Is Your Dream?

Whatever you dream, the Manifestation Breakthrough Program holds the key to your success!

If you are dreaming of something spectacular in any area of your life, it is already waiting for you and it is profoundly simple to unlock the door to your personal version of success. Even though the key may have eluded you for years or even decades, this program will give you that key, and you will own the secrets to manifesting your own personal destiny.

I will work with you privately on the phone, skype or in person to:

The Manifestation Program will teach you the 4 part methodology of manifestion - empowering you to use this formula to manifest again and again in any area of your life.

In most cases, the manifestation of a dream requires action on your part. The trick is to know and understand exactly how to act so that the power of the Universe can flow freely and without blocks. Getting out of your own way is crucial to the manifestation process as well as actively participating in the process through inspired action. Whether you know it or not, you are co-creating your life so isn't it about time that you learn the most effective and fun ways to do so?

A Short Cut to Success

Your Manifestation Session is designed to be a short cut to success by accessing and utilizing the power of Creative Consciousness - the unlimited power of the Universe. There is a precise formula for manifesting and if one piece is missing, overlooked or not completed, manifestation does not happen - just like a cake needs yeast to rise, the power of manifestation needs all the ingredients and in the right order and energetic balance.

Don't leave your dream to chance. Do whatever it takes to materialize and manifest your dream. Life is going by too quickly not to take action now and finally have the life you truly want to live.

Once you have gone through this unique Manifestation Process you will be ready for the realization of your dream. In addition, you will leave the session with a Personalized Manifestation Plan in Place.

The Results of Your Manifestation Breakthrough Program:

You will gain Renewed Energy and Inspired Passion for your Dream. Imagine how excited you will be when your life is joyful, fulfilling and overflowing with purpose!

The Manifestation Program Includes:

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What people are saying about the Manifestation Program 

My wife gifted me the Manifestation Program for my birthday because she knew how frustrated I was that my business wasn't going anywhere. During my first Manifestation Session I was able to clarify my big dream and finally see how I was keeping it from happening. Nanice took me through an amazing process that literally dissolved all my fears and self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings. I still can't believe that it was that easy. Since completing the program, my business has flourished and I am happier than I have ever been in my life.

Gregory M.

I have dreamed of meeting my soul mate since I was twelve years old. At 36 I had all but given up. As a last resort, I decided to do Nanice's Manifestation Program. I figured it couldn't hurt. WOW, was I blown away. I discovered exactly why I was meeting all the wrong men for me and that it wasn't just fate. I was able to look within myself at a depth I didn't know was possible and I clearly saw that I was the reason that I had not met my soul mate. Upon that discovery, Nanice did a process that removed my subconscious blocks that stopped my man from coming into my life. About a month or so later, I was in line at a coffee shop and "he" walked in. I know it sounds corny but I knew it was him from that first moment. Long story short, we are getting married and planning our perfect future together. Maybe you could say that it was a coincidence but something happened during my Manifestation Program and I truly know it was the romantic cure that I was desperately looking for.

Sandy R.

I've listened to all the CD's on manifesting and even watched the "Secret" a few times but nothing really worked. I'd get glimpses of miracles but still nothing to shout about. When I did Nanice's Manifestation Program, my intentions were to find my blind spots and connect the dots that I just couldn't seem to connect on my own; understand and implement the missing ingredients so to speak. And that is exactly what happened! I first received crystal clear clarity about what I really wanted in life and then Nanice took me through a process that allowed me to see and understand how I was sabotaging my dream. Suddenly I could really see my blind spots and I understood how and why I was stopping my dream from manifesting. Then something shifted inside me; I can't tell you what happened but something happened and chills went through my body. Then Nanice taught me how to communicate to the Universe so that my dream could be delivered quickly and easily. The very next day, synchronicities started happening and people showed up with opportunities that didn't exist the day before. It was as if I entered a magical world where my wish is the Universe's command. Not only is my dream now coming true but I also know how to do this in every area of my life.

Dena P.

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