My Hearts Desire

Nanice Ellis

What is your Heart's Desire?

Could it be that we are all on a Journey of Love - a collective journey of the heart?

Imagine an infinity sign; as we move away from the center we move away from love and as we return to the center, we move toward love. Love is at the center of it all. Right now, whether we know it or not, we are moving to love. Our world history demonstrates that we have moved pretty far away from love; war, poverty and many other acts of separation. But how better to know love than to experience the opposite of love. So, here we are now on the journey back to love. It may not seem like it because so much that is not love appears to be surfacing but this is just part of the journey. When love comes for us, fear doesn't have a fighting chance, so it comes to the surface in the form of our issues.

If you don't look beneath the surface, you see a world of chaos and separation but if you look beneath the surface, you see a world that is reorganizing itself and calling us back home to love. The call can come loud or soft. It can come peacefully or in the throws of crisis. We might hear it clearly or it might be muffled beneath the filters of our wounds. It matters not; you can run and you can hide but love will always find you. Love knows your name. Love knows who you really are. One day, this time will be known as the Time of the Great Awakening. Awakening to what? Awakening to who we really are. Awakening to love. They really are one in the same. We each play a divine part in the Global Shift; not because there is a world to be saved or there is any great mission that we must complete but rather by allowing our True Selves to emerge. In many ways, this is the homecoming for which we have been asking. It's good to be home.

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In grace & gratitude,
Nanice Ellis


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