releasing sorrow

Nanice Ellis

Sorrow is the result of holding back the natural flow of letting. It is the experience of being Sorry, without forgiveness. Sorrow is released through forgiveness - by the process of "I am sorry" - and please forgive me. Who are we asking forgiveness from? From ourselves, of course. There is no one else who can forgive you. Source cannot forgive you, because in the eyes of Source. you have done nothing wrong. When we ask for forgiveness, we GIVE Up our false thinking, and free ourselves from the chains of imagined wrong-doing. This is forgiveness. We have the ability to give this gift to everyone; forgive yourself, forgive everyone. The conundrum is that you are the only one who can. There is nothing broken. Nothing needs to be fixed. All is perfect in the world. Just let go and allow sorrow to find the light. Inspired by E.S.

Infintie Love, Nanice

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