So Be It!

Nanice Ellis

Do you know the "So Be It" at the end of a prayer or affirmation? I use to think that it affirmed what I was asking for. For example, when we ask for love and abundance and we declare "So Be It" at the end of our asking, I thought it meant, "make it so", but that is not accurate. So Be It - is quite literal. It means that you must BEcome it; that you must become that which you desire. So if I ask for love, I must become love. If I ask for abundance, I must become abundance. This is the trick to manifesting. You must become that which you desire.

You want love? So, Be IT. In other words, if you are looking for love, you must ask yourself, how can I become Love? If you are looking for wealth, you must ask yourself how can I become wealth? You certainly don't become love by living in fear. Or become wealth by believing in lack. Nor can you become well by identifying with sickness. It is all very simple - indeed. Ask for what you want - become it. So Be It, Nanice

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