The Master Key

Nanice Ellis

An energy is generated when there is a gap between what we want and what reality reveals to us. The bigger the gap, the bigger the energy. When we don't believe outer-reality and instead we stay focused and centered on what we desire, the contrast between our inner reality and outer reality becomes so great that a powerful energy is generated. Think of the proCreation that happens between male and female or the energy that is ignited between positive and negative. This is the energy that creates life and even universes. Holding to your vision despite evidence to the contrary actually generates the energy necessary for creating that which you desire. This is why a Big Dream can manifest in a heart beat. It is only considered a big dream because of the contrast between the dream and reality. When you hold steadfast to that dream, you invoke infinite energy, and your dream is created out of the unlimited abundance of the Unknown. In this way, it is easier to create a big dream than a small dream. The Master Key in either case is your clarity, focus and uninterrupted knowing that it is already done. And So It Is, Nanice

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