The PLEDGE Agreement!

Nanice Ellis

The PLEDGE Agreement Join the Evolution Revolution - Take the Pledge

What is the Pledge?

The Pledge is an agreement you make to yourself. By committing to this agreement, you will have chosen to align with your highest good and the highest good of all. The Pledge is about personal and global transformation. It is simple yet holds the power to transform your life; and the World!

If even 1% of the people on this planet take the pledge, the Earth, herself, will transform and we, the children of Earth, will experience The Harmonic Evolution (THE!)

The Pledge is an opportunity to re-affirm your life and realign it with the life you always intended to create - and live. Most of us have gotten our identities and guidance from educational systems, religions, governments and financial institutions but these crippled and limited systems are falling away; these systems represent old programs and paradigms that have kept us trapped in limiting beliefs of scarcity, unworthiness and limitations. With the falling of these systems, many people are left alone with no identity or guidance to follow. The Pledge is that answer for higher guidance and a new direction.

The Pledge shows you the way and teaches you that the way begins with you. No one has the answers for you and no is going to save you. That fantasy is dead and gone so that a new higher wisdom can swoop down and take its place. The Truth lies intrinsically encoded in the Pledge so that when you take the Pledge and Pass It On, you are saying YES to the Truth and offering it up to those around you. The Pledge offers your life back to you and gives you a seed to plant in your garden; while helping others to plant their own seeds. The Pledge is The New Constitution for a New Life - a New World - a New You.

Instructions: Read each statement carefully. Think about what it really means. Feel it in your heart. Finally, say YES, mean it, and move on to the next. When you have said "Yes" to each part of The Pledge, click on the I PLEDGE link below to officially activate Your Pledge. An email box will pop up. Type your name where indicated. If your email address is correct, hit send; or you may change the email address. Once your Pledge is received, you will receive an email which will give you your official Pledge Number; it will say "Congratulations! You are the 222nd person to take The Pledge," for example. Also, if you do not want your name to appear on the Pledge Wall located on, please specify such in the body of the email.


I pledge allegiance to myself, as I pledge allegiance to each of the following:


�from this day forward I will:

Love myself without conditions. Allow my love for others to always be an overflow from an over abundance of my own self love. Accept myself exactly as I am right now. Open my heart to the love and kindness coming from others; without having to think that there is a "string" attached, Love without conditions and cut the unhealthy "strings" and expectations I attach in all relationships. Take down all shields that have protected my heart. Forgive others for the harm I perceived done to me. Forgive myself; for in my attempt to protect myself from feeling hurt, I did much worse to myself than what anyone else could have done.

Self Honoring

�from this day forward I will:

Never sacrifice myself again in order to get any needs met; this means emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Meet my own needs and not look to others to meet my needs. Rid my life of anything that no longer "fits" or supports me. Take extreme care of my body. Create quiet alone-time for myself everyday - no exceptions; it us a priority.



�from this day forward I will:

Perform at least one act of kindness each day; without the need for anything in return. Experience gratitude for everyone and everything in my life; fully knowing that even the challenging people and experiences are gifts to me and support me in my highest good, Smile like it is the biggest gift I have to give - it is. Make new friends wherever I go. Brighten someone's day everyday. Tell the people I love, "I love you" - and stop assuming they already know.

Personal Power

�from this day forward I will:

Approve of myself no matter where I am in life Hold my head high and honor myself in every way - every day for the rest of my life. Listen to my heart over my head - and find the place that they can both live together in harmony. Speak my truth and always think for myself. Never give my power away to anyone at anytime. Carve my own path in life and not just follow another because it seems easier - it is not. Uncover my creativity and allow myself to be vulnerable by creating through whatever form interests me. Do what I say I will do and not say I will do something when I really don't want to do it. Be more child-like every day; sing, dance and have fun! Make a list of everything I want to experience in my life and one by one, create the experience! Be at Choice in every area of my life. Take complete responsibility, without shame or self blame, for every experience, relationship and challenge in my life.

Finally, I pledge to dream bigger and bolder everyday; and as I consistently take inspired action in the direction of my dreams, I know that the Universe is conspiring to make my dreams a realty,

I PLEDGE Click here to Pledge

If this link does not open on your computer, simply send an email to In the email, state I (your name) take The Pledge!

Remember to share the pledge with everyone you know. Send the Pledge to a friend by clicking on the Send to a Friend link below.

In grace & gratitude,

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